Consolidating your super

How and why to consolidate your super

Consolidate your super

If you have more than one job, it is likely that you also have multiple super accounts, especially when you are happy to use your employer ’s time. Transferring all super accounts to one account (called "merged super accounts") may help you save money and simplify super account management.

Why don't you merge?

According to the latest research on the Australian Pension Association, the main reason why people do not merge their accounts is because they have not yet done so. One in five people do n’t know what to do. Another reason people have multiple accounts is that they think it is too difficult or complicated to merge. In the past, merging accounts involved filling out multiple forms, and now all you have to do is use the myGov website. 

Some people actively choose to retain a second pension fund to preserve fund benefits, such as insurance . If you are unsure of your income, then it is time to check the super players of the time.